RICS BIM4SME Awards – Best SME Innovation Winners

BIM4SME Awards

Allen Preger of Newforma presenting best SME Innovation award to SpecifiedBy’s Darren Lester, at RICS BIM4SME awards.


We’re delighted to announce that SpecifiedBy won the ‘Best SME Innovation’ at the recent RICS BIM4SME Awards.

The event was held in London’s Westminster Boating Base and was a refreshingly informal and fun awards event. This was the first year of the awards, and I expect it will get bigger, but hopefully it sticks to this format.

The award is a nice recognition of the hard work of our whole team over the last 12 months or so, made all the sweeter as the evening was presented by RIBA Enterprises / NBS’s Stefan Mordue 😉

Details of all the winners available here: http://www.rics.org/uk/news/news-insight/press-releases/rics-bim4sme-awards-2015-recognises-sme-achievements-in-bim-for-first-time/

BIM Innovation & 10,000 Products

It’s been a while since I last got around to posting. We’ve been super busy with new developments, expanding the team and raising a new round of investment. My list of draft articles is ever expanding, and I hope to start delivering more over the coming weeks and months.

Before that though, I wanted to share a couple of milestones with you:

10,000 Products

Our database now stands at over 10,000 products! Quite a feat in a relatively short space of time. This time last year, we had about 1,500! We’re also adding an average of around 1000 products / month.

Combine this with our unique specification search engine and our new product comparison tool, SpecifiedBy is fast becoming a vital tool in the arsenal of the modern specifier and designer.

If you’d like to learn more about how we collect, structure and add product data to SpecifiedBy, we wrote an article about it here.

BIM Innovation Award

We’re also delighted to have been nominated for ‘Best SME Innovation’ at the RICS / BIM4SME Awards.

These awards will recognise and promote the achievements and adoption of BIM by small and medium businesses, showcasing excellence, promoting best practice and highlighting the tremendous opportunities BIM presents.

I believe we’re the only web/software company to be nominated, which is very flattering, and hopefully demonstrates that the market is interested in looking beyond the limited scope of ‘BIM Libraries’.

We’ll find out if we win this Thursday (18th June).

All the best to all the nominees.

The full shortlist can be found here

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SpecifiedBy vs Product Directories vs BIM Libraries

It seems like there is a growing number of platforms that manufacturers are being asked to consider for promoting products to specifiers.

These include the traditional product directory and a growing number of BIM libraries.

Some people think SpecifiedBy is a building product directory. Some people think SpecifiedBy is a BIM library.

The truth is we are neither.

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Construction Trade Shows: The ROI of Exhibiting

If we get one or two good leads out of it, it’ll be worthwhile.

How many times have you heard, said or thought this sentence when it comes to attending construction trade shows, events and exhibitions?

My guess is at least once per event you attend. So today I want to take a closer look at that definition of success, what it equates to in terms of ROI and how it compares with other marketing channels, including what we offer at SpecifiedBy and PPC.

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How We Increased User Signups by 48% in 1 hour

A quick little post to share how we improved the conversion rate of our signup page with one hours work and also some insight into how we document these sort of experiments and ideas that we think can improve certain elements of SpecifiedBy.

This post is designed to highlight two key points:

  • A framework for documenting experiments and improvements
  • The value of making small incremental improvements to get the most out of your existing traffic.

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